Are you struggling to sell yourself and your services to your clients?

Do you give away free or discounted sessions but don’t get clients from it?

If you are getting leads and enquiries but are struggling to convert them through one on one chats or free sessions let me help you!

  • Learn how to have better conversations and gain more clients
  • Get a sales process into your business to take the stress out of your client conversations and make it easy!
  • Learn our proven sales framework that will grow your business without all the hustle!

In this 90 minute workshop you will learn the steps to a successful sales cycle, how to really understand you clients so that when they are deciding if they want to work with you it will be a huge YES, rather than I need to think about it!

This workshop is for women in business who need more money from their business. You will have some leads coming in but you may not be converting them, or you are completely winging your conversations while you have all your fingers and toes crossed hoping they buy from you!

You will get all the notes as well as a recording so you can listen to it multiple times! Then as your business grows you can adapt and change up when you need to!

There will be no sales pitch at the end of the workshop! I promise! You will get enough value and content that will help you close a heap more sales, hence why I am offering a money back guarantee… Money back guarantee!