So I totally got attacked by IT gremlins the day this workshop happened so I am inviting you to come and play again! 
I will be very careful with the recording of this session! I promise!!! 

Here is what it was about in case you missed it!

Are you struggling to sell yourself and your services to your clients?

Do you give away free or discounted sessions but don’t get clients from it?

If you are getting leads and enquiries but are struggling to convert them through one on one chats or free sessions let me help you!

  • Learn how to have better conversations and gain more clients
  • Get a sales process into your business to take the stress out of your client conversations and make it easy!
  • Learn our proven sales framework that will grow your business without all the hustle!

In this 90 minute online workshop you will learn the steps to a successful sales cycle, how to really understand you clients so that when they are deciding if they want to work with you it will be a huge YES, rather than I need to think about it!

This is for you if you:

  • Sell to 1:1 Clients
  • Give free sessions as a way to gain more clients
  • Talk to a lot of potential clients but everyone wants to think about it or they put you on their wishlist! 

This online workshop is for women in business who need more money from their business. You will have some leads coming in but you may not be converting them, or you are completely winging your conversations while you have all your fingers and toes crossed hoping they buy from you!

You will get all the notes as well as a recording so you can listen to it multiple times! Then as your business grows you can adapt and change up when you need to!

When: Friday 5th July 2019
Time: 10am AEST
Location: Online (Zoom)
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: FREE just for you! 


Who Is Maree Kirkpatrick? 

A dynamic and experienced sales specialist and business strategist. 

I have over 15 years in successful sales and negotiation, providing multi-million dollar results for multiple corporations. She has negotiated settlements in industries including real estate, FMCG, health and fitness, vitamins and supplements, personal development, motor vehicles, legal services, dental industry as well as online social media and marketing. 

With numerous awards under my belt including the Sales Mastery Top Gun Award and has driven corporate success in winning Supplier of the Year and Perishable Supplier of the Year in the Metcash annual awards.
As well as delivering more than $7 million in sales, I have trained and managed multiple sales teams and has established and implanted sales and negotiation skills in several Australian and multinational organisations. Having worked in small and large organisations, developing processes and skilled resources that have led to significant and sustainable sales improvements and efficiencies.
I absolutely thrive on growing and learning and my experience has allowed deep knowledgeable in structuring e-commerce processes for digital sales and marketing success.


What Others Have Said: 
“Maree Kirkpatrick your sales training today was brilliant, and I am so glad you’re here to help the women in this community create sales strategies and processes that are aligned to how they want to show up and sell! 

Tash Corbin
Business Strategist 

“Maree recently delivered a sales focused Women in Business workshop for Ku-ring-gai Council

Simplely put it was a great session. Maree’s energy, passion and knowledge was evident from the start. Her ability to engage, understand and empathise with the audience meant that attendees got useful information in a way they could connect with so it could be applied to improve their businesses.

Feedback from the session was very positive so I hope to work with Maree again in the future to help local businesses in Ku-ring-gai.”

Will Adames
Community and Business Engagement Coordinator
Ku-ring-gai Council

“I can’t recommend Maree highly enough! Since we started working together about a year ago, my business has grown significantly (I’m on track to double my revenue!) and I attribute much of that success to Maree’s support. I look forward to our calls every week, where Maree pushes me to best the best I can be in business.

She goes above and beyond to be of service to her clients and she is genuinely invested in your success.”

Courtney Bowie
Principal Lawyer
Her Lawyer

“Maree and my paths came together by chance when she responded to me in a Facebook group. From there, we had a 40 minute phone call. At the time, I was feeling a little lost in my business – taking the easy option of freelancing and contracting. I’d been a little skeptical about business coaches – you always envision them to be sharks that are hungry for your money and there seems to be more and more ‘business coaches’ out there now than there ever was. I wasn’t even sure if I was ‘big enough’ to be looking to grow my business. I felt completely at ease with Maree. She wasn’t pushy, she offered me advice over the phone and told me to stop playing small so that I could achieve my longer term goals. I took a gamble and booked in the strategy day with her. I walked out having a clearer vision of what I was about (as a professional and as a business) and where I needed to go. I’ve been working with Maree for 6 months now and honestly, it’s so nice to have someone in my corner – challenging my ideas and initiatives, proving critical thinking and another POV, supporting me, encouraging me, listening to my frustrations and problem solving them together, celebrating with me.

I’m so glad that our paths crossed and I took a chance – I’ve grown my business and gained a friend.”

Elysia Raphael
NYX Social

“I have been working with Maree now for over a year. She has helped me fast-track my growth and I wouldn’t be where I am now in my business without her help and motivation. Before I started working with Maree I was undervaluing myself because I was not confident in my sales process. I always hated (and avoided at all costs) sales calls. If I did get on a call and close the deal I had no idea where to take the clients from there or how to professionally follow up. Maree has given my strategies and processes that have allowed me to charge my worth, turn up confident on sales calls and follow up professionally. I no longer have multiple messages and emails back and forth with my leads, saving me time and money while getting me more clients! Maree is also my biggest supporter and has been there for me every step of the way.

She is a genuine and knowledgeable person with a heart of gold.” 

Georgia Murray
Social Media Specialist