Elysia Raphael

Maree and my paths came together by chance when she responded to me in a Facebook group. From there, we had a 40 minute phone call. At the time, I was feeling a little lost in my business – taking the easy option of freelancing and contracting. I’d been a little skeptical about business coaches – you always envision them to be sharks that are hungry for your money and there seems to be more and more ‘business coaches’ out there now than there ever was. I wasn’t even sure if I was ‘big enough’ to be looking to grow my business. I felt completely at ease with Maree. She wasn’t pushy, she offered me advice over the phone and told me to stop playing small so that I could achieve my longer term goals. I took a gamble and booked in the strategy day with her. I walked out having a clearer vision of what I was about (as a professional and as a business) and where I needed to go. I’ve been working with Maree for 6 months now and honestly, it’s so nice to have someone in my corner – challenging my ideas and initiatives, proving critical thinking and another POV, supporting me, encouraging me, listening to my frustrations and problem solving them together, celebrating with me.

I’m so glad that our paths crossed and I took a chance – I’ve grown my business and gained a friend.